Hello >:o

2008-08-15 16:29:50 by moo5000

Thinking about making a flash...don't know what kind yet..but thinking >:D


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2008-09-22 02:55:40

Make kinda GOOOD one :D

moo5000 responds:

Will do, but don't really know when I will...>.>, still in the thinking process :P.


2008-09-22 13:34:55

I'm sorry.

moo5000 responds:

You sure are sorry..o.o xD


2009-02-17 06:11:51

you play games? do a parody of one of yours! its always fun in my opinion to make video game parodies!

moo5000 responds:

Yeah, but that leaves the question of which game. MGS for example, its a great game, but millions of flashes had been made about it already. Another one would be Halo, but I hate halo XD. So, I might do a metal gear one, or just bring out something...>.> we will see, :P