2009-03-26 15:51:51 by moo5000

Yup, I have been looking around the portal abit, to see alot of wannabe critics popping up, more then usual. Most of them do not give much thought of what they say before they post a review on a flash, as a result, most of the review just sounds like....welll...like this "OMG YOUR FLASHES SUCK SO BAD, BLAM BLAM BLAM, EVERYONE STOP WATCHING IT WAH WAH WAH" xD. I mean, I understand that there is the freedom of speech and everyone is entittled to their opinion. However, when they are given a chance to throw in their two cents, they throw in a dollar...if you get my drift. Opinions should be made with atleast 20% of the brain, so that you don't sound like a big baby. Yes, even if you were to throw in some professional words ,such as rubbish instead of crap it will just look a pathetic, whining review, with a tag on it that reads "I have great grammar :D" Most of these so-called "critics" should try making a flash for themselves before they comment, and see how easy it is to keep a fan's attention. So, if you go around the portal, BEWARE OF THE CRITIC ATTACKS!, if you come across one, make sure to use the only weakness they have....intellect, yeah I went there XD.

P.S: If your wondering where the critics attack the most, search around any foamy and Germaine flash, you're bound to find about 20 in each flash :P.



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